Accelerator Beam Line Components

Dymenso developed the Average Current Monitors (ACMs) for the Linac Coherent Light Source II (LCLS-II) project at the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory. These RF cavity based sensors will protect against excessive beam power in the LCLS-II device and are part of the critical safety system.


RF cold test of 1.3 GHz ACM sensor

The LCLS-II project t SLAC is a high power upgrade to the existing free electron laser facility. The LCLS-II Accelerator System will include a new a 4 GeV continuous-wave (CW) superconducting linear accelerator in the first kilometer of the SLAC linear accelerator tunnel and supplements the existing low power pulsed linac. Average Current Monitors (ACMs) are needed to protect against excessive beam power which might otherwise cause damage to the beam dumps. The ACM RF cavities will be located at points of known or constrained beam energy. The ACMs monitor the beam current and the beam power is calculated from the product of the current and the known beam energy. When the beam power is above the allowed value a safety system will trip off the beam.

ACM Layout

Partial cut-away view of ACM sensor and ACM assembly with thermal insulation installed.

ACM RF and Thermal Simulations