Dymenso is a premier provider of thermal analysis driven solutions ranging from the milliwatt to the megawatt level. We specialize in providing advanced thermal mechanical engineering solutions developed with experienced personnel using the latest design, analysis, manufacturing and meaurement tools.

Services include:

  • Microwave Device and Electron Beam Device Design

    Thermal and Mechanical analysis and design services for accelerators, gyrotrons, klystrons, TWTs and other microwave devices. Extensive design experience in the following key areas:

    Electron Beam Guns, Electron Beam Collector, RF Circuits and vacuum windows

  • Microwave Components Analysis and Design

    Design of custom microwave components such as RF loads, filters, barrier windows and microwave transmission components.

  • Thermal Analysis

    Advanced cooling design, single and multi-phase cooling, electronics cooling

  • CFD Analysis

    ANSYS Fluent simulations, single and multi phase, multi physics provide

  • Structural Analysis

    ANSYS Finite Element Analysis, Non-linear behaviour modeling, plastic deformation, vibration and fatigue

  • RF Testing and Characterization

    Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) based RF/Microwave test services for research and production.

  • Fabrication

    Specialized in the manufacturing of complex high precision copper structures for use in vacuum electronics. The Dymenso facility maintains an array of state of the art CNC machining equipment.

  • 3D Metrology

    Precision dimensional inspection and measurement services.

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